Andi Ika Puspita Ningsih Syamsumarlin Syamsumarlin Hasniah Hasniah


The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation process mappadendang as a medium of treatment and describe the function and meaning of mappadendang as a medium of treatment to the Bugis in the village of Benua south Konawe Regency. This study uses ethnographic methods to reveal how mappadendang as a treatment medium with the technique of collecting the data were observation and in-depth interviews. The data were analyzed from the beginning of the study descriptively qualitative. Mappadendang is a ritual of gratitude to the creator for the success of the harvest held once a year by the Bugis community in South Sulawesi. A similar phenomenon is also carried out by overseas Bugis in Benua Village, South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. They still maintain this tradition even though their main job is no longer as a rice-field farmer producing grains of rice. The Implementation of mappadendang in this village as well as a medium of treatment and mediation of disease for the community. Treatment is performed by a central figure called a shaman (puang sanro). The process of obtaining guidance or inspiration from Allah SWT which they think through their ancestors (Puang Nene) took place along with mappadendang process. While the treatment is done after the implementation of mappadendang completed after the Hj. Suna performs a five-hour prayer aimed at asking for help to Allah SWT in order to cure diseases caused by the intervention of spirits, reproof of ancestral spirits and human intervention (doti-doti). While the function of mappadendang apart from medication and mediation of the disease can also be used as a meeting place for young couples, entertainment, establishing relationships, and establish relationships between communities who attend the event.


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mappadendang, treatment, Bugis community

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Volume 5 Nomor 2, Juni 2016

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