Affixation as Semantic Resource: Process Realisation in the Indonesian Language

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The function of affixes in meaning making in the Indonesian language is remarkable.  They are of importance toexplore due to their significant contribution to the enrichment of the language’s system or meaning as choice. In spite of the fact that the process of attaching affixes to a word, or affixation, is plausible to be applicable to all content words, in the Indonesian language, it is more remarkable to the verb that realises process in a clause.  Therefore, this paper focuses on theaffixation of verbs – both inflectional and derivational. It, making use of the Functional Grammar approach, shows thataffixationin the Indonesian language is so resourceful in making verbsdynamic in realisingprocess, the most important part in the clause as representation; through affixation thetransfer of meaning take place, and hence the meaning of clause


Makalah Simposium Internasional Bahasa, Sastra dan Budaya 2016