Muarifuddin Muarifuddin Rahmawati Azi Fina Amalia Masri Ni Putu Dewi Fatmayanti


This study aims to analyze the instability of the structure odf the text in “300” movie directed by Zack Snyder applied of deconstruction theory. Deconstruction is method of reading very carefully so that the instability in structure of the text can be found. Deconstruction also allowed the multiple meanings in the text. The result of study showed that the narration constructed the binary opposition between east and west. The narration does not change the lost of Spartan by Persian, but dictates much of the culture and life of the eastern peoples with orientalism point of view. This research use descriptive qualitative method to analyze the data, with the object of research itself which is supported by journals and literary works. The source of the data is ““300”” movie and narration raised from Battle of Thermopylae history, directed by Zack Snyder which is released in 2006. The researcher had done the research with deconstructed the grand narrative and found the other truth of the narration. The narrator dictated eastern with western point of view in many aspects that created and put The East as the hierarchy in narrative structure. This study sums up that the narrator try to change the understanding of the eastern nation and also try to dictated the eastern people through the perspectives and limitations of western understanding about the eastern itself and by the deconstruction theory. The movie narration could be seen with the better understanding and with the awareness of the presence of other meanings.