Mita Mita Fina Amalia Masri La Aso La Aso


This study aims to find out the illocutionary act in Miss Peregrine's Home SFor Peculiar Children movie. Searle's concept about illocutionary was used as tool to analyze the data. It is used descriptive qualitative method  and the source of data is taken from the utterances of characters in Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children movie. The data where collected by watching, reading, identifying, screen-shooting, and classifying.The results showed that there were 22 data that included in the sub-categories directive and assertive. The researcher found that in the directive sub-category there were 11 data contained in each type of directive namely, request, command, advice, offer, question, inviting, ordering, prohibiting, challenging, and permitting, which was marked by all the data being commands in which the speaker trying to ask the listener to do the action or not to do the action. Where as for assertive data there are 11 data contained in each type of assertive namely, asserting, state, suggesting, boasting, complaining, claiming, reporting, concluding, believing, and explaining which is characterized by actions that bind speakers to the truth of what they say.