Augelion Stephen B Nur Israfyan Sofian Irianto Ibrahim


This research intendeds to describe the sacrificial acts committed by the main character of Hacksaw Ridge movie by Mel Gibson and released in 2016. Hacksaw Ridge movie talks about a story of a medical soldier named Desmond Doss who has the high integrity so serve his nation. This story is adapted from the true story of a same name combat medic in the US who devoted himself to the country. The sacrifice of the main character in this movie will be elaborated and analysed by using the altruism perspective. In the perspective of altruism, sacrifice is carried out based on three kinds of motives, namely desire, prudential motive and reason. The data of this research is taken from the scene and utterances in the movie and then analysed from the qualitative-descriptive method. This research finds out that the main character's commits to sacrifice as his devotion to his nation and country as well as the people. His intention to join in the army during the war not to kill but to safe the people.