Diajeng Cilsidtia Fina Amalia Masri Arman Arman


This study aims to identify five types of deixis and reference in five selected song lyrics in Taylor Swift's Midnights album based on Cruse's theory (2000). The selected songs are titled Lavender Haze, Sweet Nothing, Labyrinth, Anti Hero, and Midnight Rain. This research uses descriptive qualitative method and pragmatic approach. The data were collected by searching, selecting, reading, identifying, and coding, and then analyzing the data by presenting, describing, interpreting, and concluding. The researcher found the types of deixis like person deixis, spatial deixis, temporal deixis, social deixis and discourse deixis. Based on the results of the study, the researcher found 151 data containing deixis, including 112 person-deixis, 9 spatial deixis, 22 temporal deixis, 4 social deixis, and 4 discourse deixis. The researcher concluded that the five song lyrics almost use all types of deixis where persona deixis, especially first-person deixis, always appears in the five songs lyrics talk about the life story of the songwriter himself. In other words, the use and meaning of deixis based on the overall context of the song lyrics can provide information about person, place, time, social, and discourse. As well as, linking the utterance to time and space relationships and is useful for capturing referential meanings that include who, where, and when the utterance was spoken.