Olivia Herin Tanaboleng Rasiah Rasiah Ansor Putra


 Mrs Lincoln’s Dressmaker is a novel adapted from Elizabeth Kickley’s memoir, Behind the Scenes of Thirty Years as a Slave and Four years in the White house. It is one of the slave narrative appeared in nineteenth century. This study tried to analyze black and white women’s depiction in the novel Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker (2013) written by Jennifer Chiaverini. This study used descriptive qualitative method by approaching the data through hegemony perspective. The sources of data in this study consisted of primary data; the text of novel Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and secondary data was taken from memoir of Elizabeth Keckley; Behind the Scene: Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House. This study found that, first, the depiction of black and white women,  second, the relation of those women in the context of position; Mistress vs Servant and Deceiver vs Deceived. This study claimed that the novel Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker is a medium to build and maintain the white ideology by rewriting the black memoir by revisiting the story of the intimate relation of black white women in the United States.