Sarniati Nuru Nurjannah Nurjannah Dewi Srikandi Lieber Nuzul Hijrah Savitri


This study investigates the commissive speech act in Anies Baswedan public lecture in Oxford University. This study focuses on some aspects of commissive speech act such as: guarantee, offer, a bid, and assure. This research employs descriptive qualitative paradigm including a library research. The sources of data in this research were taken from Anies’ speech on Youtube while the data are in the form of utterances. The data is analyzed using Searle and Vanderveken (1985) theory of speech act. The result showed that from the 17 commisive speech act, only 4 were exist in Baswedan’s speech namely guarantee, offer, a bid, and assure.  English commissive “guarantee” appears to be the most in Baswedan speech. It’s due to the fact that the speech that Baswedan deliver was in a public lecture in the way of promoting Asean to the world, so that the utterance that emerge only in the form of guarantee and offering.