About the Journal

ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature is a periodic academic publication that is the appropriate link to exchange any worthwhile and marvelous ideas in the realm of English language and literature. ELITE was established for the purpose of reviving and perpetuating academic excellence for the sake of the common good. On the other hand, Elite, standing for English Language and Literature, is aimed at undertaking its primary mission to promote and advance English language and literature in the national and international scope.

The managing editors and the editor-in-chief will gratefully receive any kind of theoretical writings, ethnographic research findings, and any other kinds of publications with constructive ideas which are supposed to be able to rectify any socio-cultural problems in a broader sense and resolve any complicated issues in human and community development, as well as the textbook reviews and any other kinds of exploratory and explanatory research findings. The contents are not necessarily in conformity with the editor's viewpoints. The texts are typed using the Microsoft Office Word application, selecting Times New Roman 12 font size with 1,5 line spacing. The whole document is submitted in soft copy. The article's length contains at least 3000 words or more, embodying the scientific principles. The abstract should be attached, containing no more than 250 words. The footnotes should be inserted at the bottom of the document with the appropriate cardinal numbers. The references are arranged in such a way that the authors are ordered alphabetically, in accordance with the sample references in this edition. ELITE is published biannually, in June and December.