Propaganda in Unthinkable Movie Script (A Discourse Analysis)


  • hasnaeni hasnaeni Universitas Halu Oleo


Movie Script,, Propaganda,, Types of Propaganda, Techniques of Propaganda.


This study discusses the types and techniques of propaganda in Unthinkable movie scripts. The objective of the study is to describe how propaganda types and techniques are used in Unthinkable movie script. This research uses the descriptive qualitative method. The source of data in this study is the script of Unthinkable (2010) movie by Peter Woodward as primary data and an audiovisual movie as secondary data. The data are collected through downloading, reading the dialogue, watching, capturing, selecting, and coding the data based on Ellul's (1965) and Lee & Lee's (1972) theory of propaganda. Meanwhile, the techniques of the data analysis are presenting, describing, interpreting, and concluding the data. The results show that unthinkable movie has elements of propaganda to take implications for social problems, namely terrorism, and racism. The elements are types and techniques of propaganda. The writer finds agitation, integration, vertical, and horizontal types. These four types are indicated to spread incitement or hatred and instill the doctrine of terrorists against Muslims and bad character for Black people. Then, the writer finds techniques of propaganda, there are name-calling, glittering generality, transfer, plain folks, and card stacking. These five techniques are used to lead public opinion about Muslim and Black people that dangerous to American citizens by presenting bad facts for Muslims as Terrorists and Black people with cruel character by labeling them evil. Then the present fact can support America as the hero of society. The existences of these two elements show that Unthinkable movie contains propaganda.


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