ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature 2024-06-27T13:04:21+00:00 Eva Solina Gultom Open Journal Systems <p>ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature is a periodic academic publication that is the appropriate link to exchange any worthwhile and marvelous ideas in English language and literature. ELITE was established to revive and perpetuate academic excellence for the sake of the common good. On the other hand, Elite, standing for English Language and Literature, is aimed at undertaking its primary mission to promote and advance English language and literature in the national and international scope.</p> <p>The managing editors and the editor-in-chief will gratefully receive any theoretical writings, ethnographic research findings, and any other kinds of publications with constructive ideas that are supposed to be able to rectify any socio-cultural problems in a broader sense and resolve any complicated issues in human and community development, as well as the textbook reviews and any other kinds of exploratory and explanatory research findings. The contents are not necessarily in conformity with the editor's viewpoints. The texts are typed using the Microsoft Office Word application, selecting Times New Roman 12 font size with 1,5 line spacing. The whole document is submitted in soft copy. The article contains at least 3000 to 8000 words, embodying the scientific principles. The abstract should be attached, containing no more than 250 words. The footnotes should be inserted at the bottom of the document with the appropriate cardinal numbers. The references are arranged in such a way that the authors are ordered alphabetically, under the sample references in this edition. ELITE is published biannually, in June and December.</p> The Formula of Romance in the Redeeming Love (2022) Movie 2024-06-02T10:04:10+00:00 Jusrianti Rasiah Rasiah Arman Arman <p>This research aims to analyze the formula of romance in the <em>Redeeming Love (2022)</em> movie. The focus of the problem is the convention and invention formula of romance in the <em>Redeeming Love (2022)</em> movie. The theory of Formula from John G. Cawelti analyzes the problem. This research method is descriptive qualitative. The data in this research is collected by watching the movie, taking notes, identifying, describing, interpreting, and analyzing the data, and concluding the results of the analysis. From the results of the analysis, the researcher found convention and invention in the movie. In terms of convention, this movie still maintains the romance formula, such as; (1) The plot of romance still consists of their first meeting, the man winning the woman, the conflict, and the happy ending. (2) The figure of romance still the presence of the hero and heroine namely Michael and Angel. (3) The setting of romance consists of a place setting on a hill, a time setting such as in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and an atmosphere setting such as happy, regretful, angry, tense, sad, worried, and afraid. As for the invention of new romance elements found in the movie, such as; (1) Romance narrative structure using a mixed pattern of Cinderella pattern, Pamela pattern, and contemporary pattern, (2) The character of romance, such as; the hero is described as an ordinary, popular and beautiful heroine, and heroine who has a stubborn nature, (3) The plot of romance, such as; Hero gives up on heroine.</p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature Trauma Discourse in Christopher Robin Movie 2024-06-27T13:04:21+00:00 Fadilatul Nadia Ansor Putra Neil Amstrong <p>This research is based on the trauma of someone in a movie, seen in the movie used trauma discourse theory. The objective of this research is to find out how the trauma discourse appeared in <em>Christoper</em> <em>Robin's</em> movie based on Zaumseil and Indradjaja's theory. This research used a descriptive qualitative method. The source of data in this research was taken from the <em>Disney+</em> watch page. The researcher found that two elements of trauma discourse seen in two characters are Christoper Robin and Winnie the Pooh in the two aspects such as reasonable fear and worry and culturally specific suffering in terms of the inner and outer realm of trauma discourse. From the several aspects above, the creation of past trauma has an impact on finding out the characteristics of people who experience discourse trauma in their speech both for them and for those around them. This research concludes that someone who has experienced trauma is very influential when he speaks or conveys a message. This can be seen from the language used and the actions taken by the characters in the film Christopher Robin.</p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature Analysis of Archetypes in Speak Graphic Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson 2024-06-02T09:46:11+00:00 Wiratman Wiratman Fina Amalia Masri Eva Solina Gultom <p>This research aims to show the archetypes that occur in the Speak Graphic Novel. The purpose of this research is to analyze the archetypes of the main characters in the oral graphic novel by Laurie Halse. This research applies Carl Gustaf Jung's archetype theory. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. Data collection was carried out through four steps: reading, recording, analyzing data, and identifying data. The results of this research show that the Speak Graphic Novel shows the existence of two personas, five animus, one shadow, and one self archetype, before reaching the self archetype Melinda experiences an individualization process, in this graphic novel individualization appears when Melinda neutralizes this. things that cause him to use a persona and have to face the shadow that appears by providing real resistance to Andy who has been pressuring and threatening him. Another thing that helped the individualization process was Melinda's decision to accept the fact that she had made a mistake and forgive herself. Based on the results above, it can be concluded that in this novel the archetype is shown in full, starting from the details of the cause of the archetype's emergence to the start of the individualization process as a form of Melinda's effort to control or eliminate the cause of the archetype's emergence, which in the end causes the main character to achieve a self-archetype.</p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature Discourse Analysis of Racism in Just Mercy Movie 2024-06-02T11:14:40+00:00 Muhammad Nazar La Aso Ela Martisa <p>This research aims to describe the racism utterances in the <em>Just Mercy </em>movie using racism theory based on Dijk's approach. Researcher used qualitative descriptive research as a method. The data source in this research was taken from the Just Mercy movie. Data collection was carried out through watching, Note-Taking, Screen shooting, Identifying and grouping the data based on the theory of racism based on Dijk's approach. Data analysis techniques are presenting the data, describing the data, interpreting and analyzing the data resulting from this research. The research results show that racist behavior in the Just Mercy movie is depicted based on Dijk's theory in the aspects of nonverbal structures, sounds, syntax, lexicon, local (sentence) meaning, global discourse meaning (topics), schema (conventional forms of global discourse organization), rhetorical devices, speech acts, and interaction. This aspect shows racist actions in the form of facial expressions, voice, speech, actions and use of language styles. Racism in this research then provides an accurate picture of racist behavior towards black people as a reflection of the existing system of prejudice and stereotypes. As a results of the analysis, the researcher found that the movie had elements of racism in which Bryan Stevenson became a victim of racism. The researchers found seven data. Therefore, racial discrimination can also be seen in language discourse. Language also plays an important role in forming and maintaining the ideology of racism.</p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature The Opposition Bourgeoisie Ideology in Titanic Movie 2024-06-24T09:11:55+00:00 Waode Nurhandi Nur Israfyan Sofian <p>This study aims to analyze the opposition as reflected in the Titanic movie. The research used the descriptive qualitative method. The source of data in this research was taken from Titanic movie by James Cameron as data as primary data and a journal, literature, books, and some articles as secondary data. This research uses the theory of Marxism from Karl Marx which is used as a tool to analyzing the finding the opposition against bourgeoisie ideology in Titanic movie. The result of the research shows that there are two types of social class in the Titanic movies. Based on the findings and discussion, the research found 14 data on the relations between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, 9 data on the class consciousness, 10 data on the opposition, and 8 data on The Paradox of Jack and Rose. The researcher concluded based on the result of the research that has been done, the researcher found 41 data that included the opposition against bourgeoisie ideology in Titanic movie.</p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature The Role of Women Toward the Environment in Ainbo Movie : An Analysis of Ecofeminism 2024-06-24T09:19:17+00:00 Suci Arwiangsa Muarifuddin Muarifuddin Rahmawati Azi <p>This research aims to explore the role of women in the environment from the perspective of ecofeminism. The researcher uses Karen J. Warren's theory of ecofeminism to determine the level of concern and the role of women in environmental issues. This research employs qualitative methods. The data source for this research is the 'Ainbo' movie. The results show that elements of capitalism, which pursue profit through the relentless exploitation of natural resources and labor, are visible in the practice of illegal gold mining in the Amazon. These activities cause significant environmental damage, and women are often the chief victims of their negative effects. This capitalist system has received strong criticism from the women's movement because, besides promoting environmental degradation, it also exacerbates the oppression of women in the Amazon forest area. The researcher concludes that nature and women have a close relationship, with both often experiencing exploitation. Male characters are depicted as representatives of capitalism who exploit natural resources for personal gain. In contrast, women are depicted as having a deep closeness to nature, reflecting their feminine principles, which emphasize protecting and saving the environment. The role of women as saviors of the environment stands out in contrast to the destructive actions carried out by male capitalists.</p> <p> </p> 2024-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ELITE: Journal of English Language and Literature