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local language; culture; story; formal education; non formal education


The Balinese language, eventhough it is still considered to be strong, it is not a favourable language among the young generation. If it is used, quite often it is not in a proper language in terms of grammar and politeness and that is why the native speakers are worried that the language will be marginalized and then disappear. The native speakers of the language do not want the extinction of the language which means that the culture of the language will also disappear. The lose of a language will decrease the cultural richness of a country. However the worries of losing a language does not lead to the  effort to do something to sustain the language from both formal and non formal education. Considering the importance of the local language sustainability, and considering the lack of ability, time in those kind education including family, one way of sustaining the language is through trying providing time to do story telling. This can be done by parents or another member of the family, by formal education or by individuals through playing groups which is done by using the local language. The purpose of this article is to present the procedures  that can be done by each of the parties mentioned above to participate in local language sustainability. When the stolry telling is done, various of its functions can be recognized.

Key words: local language; culture; story; formal education; non formal education


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