This scientific journal is dedicated as a periodical scientific publication in archeology which is expected to be an arena for exchanging ideas and thoughts in the field of archeology. SANGIA comes with a mission to build tradition and academic climate for the advancement of civilization and human dignity.

Sangia comes from the local language of the community in Southeast Sulawesi. The word has a sacred meaning or is identified with places or sites that are considered sacred by the community. The meaning indirectly makes the community around these places will maintain and maintain the place or site. It is hoped that the Sangia Journal can be the right publication media to voice the results of research or ideas from researchers, academics, and students and benefit the entire community.
Sangia, Journal of Archeology and Culture is an open-access journal, published by the Laboratory of Archeology, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Halu Oleo University. This journal receives original articles on important issues in archeology and culture that focus on the study and results of research. Sangia, Archaeological and Cultural Journal seeks to contain a mixture of articles on high-quality theoretical or empirical research, case studies, literature reviews, comparative studies, and export papers. All texts received will be published both on the network and printed.

Jurnal yang memuat tulisan-tulisan berupa artikel yang berasal dari hasil-hasil penelitian atau hasil-hasil kajian dosen dan mahasiswa dalam bidang arkeologi. Sangia berasal dari bahasa lokal masyarakat di Sulawesi Tenggara yakni Bahasa Suku Muna, yang memiliki makna keramat yang identik dengan tempat-tempat atau situs-situs yang dianggap keramat oleh masyarakat, sehingga dengan makna tersbut tempat atau situs tersebut dapat dijaga dan dipelihara oleh masyarakatnya.