About the Journal

SANGIA Journal is published by the Archeology Department Laboratory of the Faculty of Culture, University of Halu Oleo, with a frequency of 2 publications per year.

SANGIA Journal has an ISSN in two versions, namely: a printed version with ISSN 2613-8999 and an electronic version with e-ISSN: 2654-3524. This scientific journal is dedicated as a scientific periodical publication which is expected to be an arena for exchanging ideas and thoughts in the field of archeology.

SANGIA journal comes with a mission to build tradition and academic climate for the advancement of civilization and human dignity.

SANGIA Journal contains writings in the form of articles derived from the results of research or the results of studies of lecturers and students in the field of archeology. Sangia comes from the local language of the people in Southeast Sulawesi, which has a sacred meaning that is synonymous with places or sites that are considered sacred by the community, so that with that meaning the place or site can be maintained and maintained by the community. The hope, through tradition and an academic climate that is built through exchanges of ideas and ideas through the SANGIA Journal, will preserve the cultural values ​​contained in cultural heritage and sustainably, maintained in the future as the meaning of the word "Sangia" itself.

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