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ETNOREFLIKA is published by Laboratory of Anthropology Department of Cultural Science Faculty of Halu Oleo University in collaboration with Asosiasi Departemen/Jurusan Antropologi Seluruh Indonesia (ADJASI) (link MoA). ETNOREFLIKA has been accredited with 4th (Sinta 4) level through the Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, Decree No. 105/E/KPT/2022. Accreditation is effective up to the publication of Volume 15 Issue 2 of 2026.  

This scientific journal is published once in 4 (four) months (on February, June, and, and October) and has two versions of ISSN: printed version with ISSN 2252-9144 and academic version with e-ISSN: 2355-360X. ETNOREFLIKA is dedicated as a scientific periodical publication expectedly becoming the medium of exchanging ideas and thoughts in Anthropological field and social and humanities science. Etnoreflika is present with the mission of building tradition and academic climate for civilization advance and humanity dignity.  

In addition, ETNOREFLIKA journal intentionally taking generic word "ethnos" aims to promote and to develop multiculturalism spirit in Indonesian plural life. Reflika is defined as a process of reflecting behavior, idea, and environment.

Editor accepts theoretical article contribution, results of research in the form of ethnography, and articles containing constructive idea to solve social, cultural and or humanities problems in broad sense, and development problems in general, as well as review on anthropological, social, cultural, and humanities science textbooks. 

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Reminder for all the authors, you are expected to submit papers that:
1. are original and have not been submitted to any other publication (Download Statement of Originality)
2. have at least 15 references with 80% of scientific Journals.
3. use references published on the last 5 years.
4. structured using IMRaD format.
5. use template specified by Jurnal ETNOREFLIKA.
6. use reference manager e.g. Mendeley or others when managing the references.

7. Article similarity index should not be more than 24%

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We invite researchers, scientists, and practitioners to become editors or reviewers in Jurnal ETNOREFLIKA. If you are interested, please send us information about yourself, such as your full name, education and degree, affiliation, Scopus ID, orcid ID or other researcher ID, and the area of expertise. Send your biodata via the link below.

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