Published Dec 31, 2020
Lasriani Sitanggang Ansor Putra Neil Amstrong


This research aimed to describe the Implicature in Courageous Movie script by Alex Hendrick. This research focused on how is implicature used in Courageous Movie Script by Alex Hendrick This study applied the qualitative method. The primary data in this research was acquired from the Courageous movie script written by Alex Hendrick and the secondary data from the Courageous movie directed by Alex Hendrick and his brother Stephen Hendrick. The theory of H. Paul Grice was used to analyze the Implicature and focused on the object itself which consists of types of Implicature. The findings revealed that the implicature used in the object were two that were conventional implicature and conversational implicature. The result is conventional implicature found is 3 data and conversational implicature is 17 data. Conventional Implicature is found in many Nathan Hayes conversations that discuss how God's love is. Everyone already understood and known God's love without having to know the context. whereas Conversational Implicature found in conversations between a child and a father. Many implicatures found in their conversation. There were many hidden meanings that lead to misunderstanding because of the hidden meaning spoken by their father. The children in this movie did not understand the meaning of their father who did not want them to do what they want. They thought their father did not love them. In this case, the children do not understand the context and make a misunderstanding. The researcher also did a test for implicature. The researcher also did a test for implicature. Based on the test for whole data,  the implicature containing cancellability is 1 data, the implicature containing non-detachability 17 data, the implicature containing the calculability 17 data, and the implicature containing non-conventionality is 17 data. Of the 20 data that have been studied, there are 17 data that contain non-detachability, calculability, and nonconventionality, and only 1 data that contains cancellability, non-detachability, calculability, and non-conventionality. It can be concluded that the test for implicature is most often found only three and one other is rarely found although it still exists.



Conventional, Implicature, Conversational Implicature

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