Published Dec 31, 2020
meli samelia Ansor Putra Arman Arman


This study aims to analyze the stereotypes and discrimination that occur in Green Book movie script. The source of the data in this study is the Green Book movie script, the movie script takes background in America 1962. The researcher found many utterances as well as actions that refer to stereotypes and discriminatory behaviour committed by white people against black people in America. This study using qualitative method because, qualitative is a procedure that produces descriptive data including written and oral words. The results of this study showed that Green Book movie script contains three types of discrimination and stereotypes. First, Individual Discrimination presented in an unfair treatment by whites against the main black character, Don Shirley. Second, Institutional Discrimination happened in the police institution where the police imprison Don Shirley who did not commit a crime at all, but only because he was black. Third, Structural Discrimination occurred in the form of policies carried out by majority races which have a negative impact on minority races. In the green Book movie script, structural discrimination presented in a safe travel guide for black people in southern America, the book also contains such as restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and then medical stores that are safe for black people to visit. This book was published in 1936 to 1976 during the era of segregation in the United States. Don Shirley is done his concert tour using the Green Book guidebook to make the trip safe because at that time the places in America were still not accessible to black people. As the final result of this research, the researcher found the dominant type of discrimination in Green Book movie script is Individual Discrimination.



Critical Discourse Analysis, Stereotype, Discrimination, Green Book, Movie Script

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